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My Coaching Story

Coaching all over the world.


It's fairly simple - I just love coaching.  It brings me great satisfaction to support clients, from across the globe, and help them move closer to the place they want to be.  


I am a listener.  I love to hear life's stories, and help clients to build their better futures, and recognise their values and strengths.   I believe we can create success in life, and the challenge is more often recognising what success means to us. 

My style is to help you look for solutions, rather than dive too deep into the problems.  I have huge faith in the fact we are all our own expert in solving our own problems, and this is just enhanced when we have positive people around us to help us move in the direction we want to go.  

I will be honest, and 'call it out' when needed. I will also suggest new ideas and ways of looking at a situation to help you see things in other ways.

I am an accredited member of the International Coaching Federation.  I am a lifetime learner, and still love learning from those around me.  I continue to study behavioural change through an Msc and explore the world of wellbeing. 

I still work as a consultant and trainer as well, and find the common threads in my work to be: finding success;  creating future pathways; and building better teams.

A Positive Approach

I like to start with strengths.  It is always good to remind ourselves about the things that we are good at, and to find our own unique talents.  Strengths are wonderful, and help us to do things that we never thought possible.  Sometimes it may be tough to see through the challenges we have in life, yet seeing these with our strengths in hand can help to break down the barriers ahead. 

Wandering Traveler

Finding Pathways

Getting the most out of life's phases

It is not always easy to find our way through life, even when things are going well.  I enjoy helping clients to discover thier future path, and build confidence in their future success. 
I have a passion to explore how we develop our next phase in life, and maybe even create our second life.

Strengths and Values

Working from our strengths and values builds success

If you are new to coaching this is a great place to start.  Using our strengths more in our day to day activities just makes life easier, and in my view more enjoyable.  
Understanding our values, living and working within these,  allows us to build our authenticity, and enjoy work and daily life.

Living to our values, and recognising those of people around us creates new opportunity. 

Working Together
Support Group


You talk...I listen

What could be better than actually being listened to for as long as you need.

Listening is so important in my work, and gives us all the simple opportunity of time to think, and play out our thoughts.  After all, how do you know what you think, until you hear yourself speak.  

Working with me

One to One; In Teams; or Motivational Group Work

The 2020/21 pandemic has allowed us to show how we can connect all over the world. 

Whilst I am based in the UK, I have had coaching work across the world; from Hong Kong, the Middle East; Canada and the USA, all with the wonder of Zoom.


For Individuals, our first conversation is all about connecting,  to ensure that you feel comfortable working with me.  This one is at my expense, and we will agree how we would like to work; your theme and focus; and the general timeline.  As we move through our sessions I will keep checking in to ensure our time is well spent, and you are happy with our progress. 


Corporate work needs planning to ensure we create the best value for you, the right outcomes for your team, and return on your investment.  I am confident in how we can co-create our plan and delivery.

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