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Research Topics

As part of my learning process I continue to research different topics of interest to me and of relevance to my clients.  If any of these topics are of interest to you, and you would like to share knowledge, experience, or information, please do reach out to me.



Having a 'perfectionist driver' can offer you a real strength, so long as it is connected to perspective and reality. (Peters, S, 2021)

I am very interested in working with clients who see themselves as a 'perfectionist'.  

As an 'untamed driver' this can lead to high stress and anxiety.

Time Perspectives 

We can each see and experience time in different ways.
We may be very influenced by the past in our current behaviours, or we may just live for today.  

I have conducted extensive research into Time Perspective theories and I am currently working on coaching processes to support our understanding of time and how it can influence our behaviours.  

If you are interested in Time Perspectives, and would like to explore this as an individual please do make contact with me. 

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