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Chemistry Meeting

Introductory meeting at our expense

Welcome, perhaps the most important 'Secret of success' in any coaching process is the rapport and relationship that you are able to establish with your coach.


This short session is just to allow you some time to meet the coach; ask any questions you have about the process, and perhaps the coach themselves. This meeting is provided at our expense, and you can then decide how you want to proceed.

We look forward to working with you. 

15 minutes



Single Session

A single session approach that provides you with time to think and find your next steps

Many clients may find our 'one at a time' option for coaching sessions to be the best approach.


The transition from work to retirement, or as we prefer to say from work into your second life, can take several years. This option allows clients to take time to think, and explore options and issues when the time is right. We typically allow a longer session for one at a time clients to ensure we can step through a full process. We would like to think that you will step away from a session with clarity of thought and some clear next steps. 


Clients booking a one at a time session will also benefit from our support resources, and guides, and will be able to register for our ongoing communications without charge.


90 minutes



Short Coaching Programme

Our short coaching programme supports you over 6 months.

Join our short coaching programme, that takes you in a series of exploration activities over a six month period. You'll be assigned your own personal coach and have full access to our additional resources. Our program will help you to think through your future, options activities, and build a plan of action to get there. We also embrace some experimentation along the way allowing you to see things from different angles and build options for your future.


We will talk through the program in our initial session and check in along along the way to ensure we are following the right path for you . If at any stage along the program you wish to take a break that will be fine and we will work with you.


You may find it helpful to follow this path with your partner in all the sessions or in just one or two of the sessions, and they will be very welcome. 

6 - 1 hour sessions



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