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Thought-Based Approach

I offer a variety of Coaching services for both private clients and corporates, with Executive Coaching and Team Development in my skills.  Please reach out and connect with me so, and don't forget that our first formal meeting is all at my expense.


Horizon Thinking

Building Better Futures

This work has built from my experience in the 'retirement market', looking at how I can help people build the 'next stage' of their life, maybe even their '2nd Life'. 

This work has now developed into a specific coaching process to help you build confidence in your future, and create activities today that will reward you tomorrow.  It works for all ages, and stages, and especially for long term retirement planning. 

Career development

Getting more form your career

I have often worked with clients who are ready for that next step, and want to find the way to advance.   It can be frustrating trying to find that breakthrough moment.  Working together we can look at the options, and prepare your future.   

In these times, redundancy or unexpected change can also occur.  I have been there myself. I support clients through the challenge to rebuild and turn the gift of change into a moment of opportunity.

Smiling Businesswoman
Stressed Man

Stress Coaching

Some stress can be good...

High stress can become toxic, and we can do real damage to ourselves.  It can be caused by so many things, and I will work to understand your challenges, as well as potential solutions. 

My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several sessions, I hope you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they may arise.  Often our challenge is as simple as time, and the first step is to give some time to yourself, to allow you to think.  

Business Team Coaching

High performing teams feel great

Teams make all the difference.  I work to develop teams to ensure that their delivery is far greater than the sum of their parts.  
What can your team acheive together that they cannot do by just working apart?  Finding your purpose as a team and breaking down barriers to ensure collaboration and cooperation in the focus to move ahead. 

Colleagues Working Together
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