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Feedback from clients 

Feedback is so important, so thank you...

"I have been working with Steve for almost a year and I always finish my coaching sessions feeling confident and motivated. Steve makes you really believe that you have the answers.
Steve has also been working with other managers within my business and this has had a positive impact on sales results and behaviour which is exactly what was needed."

Deborah Bond, Head of Sales

"As a woman, with young family responsibilities, operating in a predominantly male and highly challenging environment my personality would have made it very easy for me not to have felt included and have a voice at the table.
Through working with Steve, he was able to give me the confidence to be more assertive, to help me get my voice heard (and respected as a different and more diverse opinion at that time) and to feel a very valued member of a high performing and successful team.  I feel that through this I have developed my own personal brand which has been very empowering for me.
In fact, since then I have listened to his own experiences and now have the confidence to continue to study and learn (taking his leading example); something I thought I probably wouldn’t do again to open up new opportunities for me in my career."

Julie Sharp, Senior Leader

“ After a long and successful career in sales management I was amazed at the level of extra performance Steve was able to coach out of me. It’s a very positive and enjoyable experience being coached by Steve. He has a unique ability to build a level of trust that enables you to get real outcomes in your life workplace and wider life goals. I would happily recommend him to anyone who wants to get extra performance from their sales teams.”

Simon Stevens, Chartered Financial Planner

Steve is a great empathetic listener who brings a non judgmental and friendly approach to coaching. He is easy to work with, creates a safe space quickly and makes the coaching sessions enjoyable and productive. It has been a pleasure working with Steve.

'E'  Overseas

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