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10 minutes for an 'end of month 1' reflection.

It is the last Friday of January and you may be wondering where the time has gone. This is a great moment to just give ten minutes for yourself and take some time to think about what you have achieved in the last four weeks. I simply suggest making a drink, and creating a little space for yourself to think. Here are a few prompts that may help you answer the big question: What have I achieved this month?

  • What am I most proud of doing in the last month?

  • What did I set out to do this month? How have I done against my plan?

  • Which projects have I been apart of? What contributions have I made?

  • What challenges have I had, and how have these been overcome?

  • Which meetings have I been apart of? What conferences have I attended?

  • What have I learned this month?

Now let's just think about other people around you, your team, and colleagues.

  • What did I set out to achieve this month with my team?

  • What has the team achieved this month?

  • What contribution have your colleagues made?

  • How has the team worked together?

And now, perhaps take a moment for gratitude.

  • Who can I thank for their work this month?

  • Who has done something that has really helped me this month?

  • Who has been under pressure, and would really appreciate my support?

  • What could I do to say a simple 'thank you' - that might make it special?

I suggest just keeping a note of these achievements in a journal, a notes app, or even just sending yourself an email. If you work in a corporate, this will be very helpful when you get to your quarterly review, or annual appraisal. It may even be good to jot a note around your team, or to your boss, and just say..."Hi, I thought Iwould jot you a line as we are coming to the end of the month, and just let you know about some of the great things that have happened in the last month...". Keep it simple and real.

It is highly likely that as you think through these kind of questions you will have the thought..."I wish I had..." or perhaps "I should have...". This is just a natural part of the process. Don't be too hard on yourself, and remember what you have achieved.

And lastly this time also gives you the space to think about February, and what you would like to be writing about in another four weeks time. Those who work with me know that i am a big fan of the 'future back' question..."So, in one months time we are sitting down reflecting on the month that has just passed. It has been a brilliant month. You are very happy with what you have achieved. What has happened over the last month to make this success possible?"

It will be great to hear any feedback you have; what you have achieved; or even what challenges you are facing.

Happy Friday everyone. Keep Smiling


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Julie Sharp
Julie Sharp
28 ene 2022

Steve I absolutely love this and will use it professionally and personally. Great advice on how to use it to update your manager, collate for end of year review and use it as a basis for team meetings and team building. So simple but so effective and versatile. Thank you for sharing

Me gusta
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